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Promoting Justice Through Clinical Legal Education

Jeff Giddings

Promoting-Justice-Through-Clinical-Legal-Education Clinical legal education is of increasing significance to law schools in Australia and across the globe. The potential to combine community service with student learning distinguishes clinical teaching from other forms of legal education. This book considers how to best recognise and realise the contributions that experiential learning methodologies can make to legal education. It identifies the contributions that clinical programs can make to student learning, social justice, community engagement and research. In this book, Jeff Giddings provides a framework for understanding both the pedagogical and political dimensions of the establishment and sustainability of clinical programs. He uses in-depth historical case studies of major Australian clinical programs to identify how various interested groups can harness the great potential of clinical legal education.

Professor Jeff Giddings is Director of Professionalism at Griffith Law School. He was the Founding Director of the Griffith Clinical Legal Education Program and has written widely about the history and practice of clinical legal education.

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jeff-giddings-photoProfessor Jeff Giddings
Director of Professionalism
Griffith Law School
‘For those charged with the design of law school curricula and clinical legal education programs, and for legal professional bodies and agencies who are likely to be involved in such programs, the book provides a valuable framework for reflection, identification of objectives, planning and decision-making in this important area. I commend the book to its readers.’
Chief Justice Robert French AC, High Court of Australia

'Jeff Giddings's pioneering work is a valuable contribution to the growing global literature on clinical legal education. His searching analysis of different clinical models provides useful guidelines for the establishment and sustainability of clinical law programs and should be on library shelves of all law teachers and university administrators interested in the subject.'
David McQuoid-Mason, President of the Commonwealth Legal Education Association and Professor of Law, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

‘This terrific book highlights the important contributions that clinical methodologies can make to promoting justice through legal education. It makes a persuasive case for more fully integrating clinic-based learning into each law school’s curriculum in order to teach students about social justice, better prepare them for the practice of law, and expose them to the social responsibility of lawyers to work for justice. This is a must-read book for law teachers, especially those who care about social justice.’
Peter A. Joy, Henry Hitchcock Professor of Law, Washington University in St Louis School of Law

‘Giddings provides an analytic framework for considering many dimensions of clinical legal education: a unifying definition, historical background, the range of models and methods, possible goals and tensions among them. His ground-breaking case studies of four Australian programs identify factors influencing establishment and sustainability of clinics that will be useful to law schools worldwide.'
Professors Catherine Klein and Leah Wortham, The Catholic University of America, Washington DC

‘Jeff Giddings captures the essence of sustainable practice in Australian clinics: the capacity for effective supervision to achieve what he describes as the ‘dual objectives [of] student learning and community service’. In this book, Jeff contributes profoundly to an even wider objective: the renewal and strengthening of the whole of the legal profession.’
Professor Adrian Evans, Monash Law School

‘Given the difficulties of many in accessing justice worldwide it is no coincidence that clinical legal education is now a global phenomenon and Professor Giddings' book will make a major contribution to supporting this development by clearly and persuasively making the case for law schools, the state, legal practitioners and the wider public working together to improve legal education.

I strongly commend this book to all those concerned with making the world a better place by improving the means for effective access to justice.’
Professor Richard Grimes, Director of Clinical Programmes, York Law School, England

‘In our era of educational innovation, a timely and important contribution to understanding the conditions that give rise to successful clinical law programs.  The analytical framework drawn from four detailed case studies should interest legal educators around the globe.’
Professor Deborah Maranville, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle

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